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Podcasts, Vox pops, radio interviews or live band recordings? AVP can capture professional quality audio at any location using our professional field recorder and our range of top quality microphones. Contact us for more information.

Our professional recording equipment means broadcast quality audio wherever you are, and is perfect for interviews and podcasts.


AVP does all its own editing in-house and as such we can offer a quick turnaround. We have multiple high performance Apple computers all able to run Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve, as well as Apple Motion, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and more.  

Do you Have the footage but not the knowledge, expensive software or processing power required to edit it? Let AVP cut it for you! Send us a brief and your footage and we will edit your footage into the perfect content.


2020 has seen a massive change in the way social events and meetings are held. So we have expanded our live streaming setup enabling us to offer the best possible experience for you and your clients.
AVP can offer you a live multi-camera set up to host you meeting, conference or event anywhere in the world. We can mix in slides, videos, graphics and even pre-recorded content. We will bring everything required, including microphones, lighting, green screens, lecterns and blackout drapes to create you the perfect studio setup at your location. 

If you think we might be able to help with your next project or event then please get in touch on 
07834689854. Alternatively email
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